Pre-Construction Services

Planning and strategizing are very important steps in the design and construction of any project.

The Pre-Construction stage of design, cost establishment, schedule, logistics, procurement strategy, and quality control, sets up your project for success.

Constructability reviews are conducted with the stakeholders to identify key details, schedule impact or compression opportunities, acceptable methods of construction and maintenance.

A control budget is established at the earliest stage and is updated at design milestones. Value engineering sessions are held if budget alignment is needed. A cashflow chart is provided.

A critical path milestone schedule is also created at the earliest stage including key design and budget milestones to ensure the project remains on track. Long lead items and/or early works packages are identified for schedule adherence.

Procurement strategies are established including:

  • Understanding the local trades resources and availability
  • Bonding requirements
  • Pre-Qualification of trades or vendors
  • Obtaining multiple bids on each trade/element
  • Canvassing the team for past positive experience with trades and vendors
  • Quality assurance is ensured by reviews of drawings, specifications, procurement, strategies, inspections, tests and warranties
  • Selecting the best complete service trade contractor based on a number of factors (cost, quality, experience, schedule, attitude)