An “Insight” - An intuitive accurate understanding of a complicated problem or situation.

Sole Source Procurement: A Valuable Alternative to Conventional Bidding

The bidding stage of procurement is predominantly based on finding the lowest cost for materials/goods by tendering to multiple vendors to obtain competitive pricing in an open market. Historically, this method has been useful when purchasing goods/materials of known quality and well-defined characteristics.  Obtaining the best price for commodities like grain, iron ore, precious metals and…
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Pre-Construction Services

Planning and strategizing are very important steps in the design and construction of any project. The Pre-Construction stage of design, cost establishment, schedule, logistics, procurement strategy, and quality control, sets up your project for success. Constructability reviews are conducted with the stakeholders to identify key details, schedule impact or compression opportunities, acceptable methods of construction…
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Project Delivery Services

Our project delivery team unites the owners, consultants, and contractors in a partnership, focused on the owner’s side of the construction equation: Controlling Cost Controlling Schedule Controlling Quality We understand an owner’s perspectives and approach the project with these in mind.
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Here We Grow Again

Allyant Design and Construction was recently awarded a contract to commence planning for a state of the art, Cannabis Growing facility to provide high quality Cannabis for the commercial markets.
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Insightful Thinking

At Allyant “Insightful Thinking” continuously bubbles and flows like uncorked Champagne. We use “insightful thinking” to promote creativity in planning and finding solutions to problems. Our “insight” into Project Management allows us to deconstruct the work plan into straightforward tasks and elements that have clear and concise definition and which, upon re-composition, collectively improve the…
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