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Construction Management

The Construction Manager role assumes the responsibility for overall control and coordination of the construction work. Construction management and engineering design run in parallel but staggered directions to allow the logical construction of the project in distinct stages.  This type of project allows a rapid start-up, since construction can start well before the full design is completed.

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Project Management

Project Management comprises the initiating, planning, execution, and control of the project team's work to achieve the design and construction within a specified budget and time frame. This includes project planning, end-to-end project management, cloud-based cost, schedule, and scope management, risk management and mitigation planning, document controls, project resourcing strategy, and execution, cost estimating and cost control, integrated project schedule development and management, peer reviews, construction oversight, and start-up services.


Design-Build Solutions

The Design-Build approach allows the owner to interact with Allyant as the single point of contact for both the design and construction of the project. With Design-Build, the owner indicates their requirements for the facility. Allyant engages the design team, and works with the owner and the design team to deliver a facility that meets the owner's expectations, on-time and on-budget.

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Conventional Build

In a Conventional Build approach, the project is fully designed before the construction work begins. Allyant acts as a general contractor by assuming responsibility for constructing the entire project on the terms of a stipulated lump sum contract.