Our commitment to our clients
is unmatched.

We are a “Hands on” owner operated project delivery firm of creative, and highly disciplined professionals, yet we are very practical in our approach and actions. We take great pride in all we do and are committed to excellence. Through our past experiences working on capital projects,  we approach our projects from the owner’s perspective, ensuring that the execution approach, technical solutions, and business needs are well understood in the beginning, and maintained through the course of project execution.

We are good at what we do

We believe our attitude, skills, experience and desire to succeed makes us the ideal Project Delivery firm for our customers:

We are committed to excellence in everything we do.

We are skilled and experienced in what we do.

We are exceptional leaders and inspire the team to be their best.

We create safe and collaborative environments for personnel well being and inspiration.

We deliver projects on schedule, in budget and of the highest quality.

We provide advice and guidance (gained in many years of practical experience) to handle any challenge or complexity.

We eliminate uncertainty and minimize risk.

We understand your business objectives and what is important to the project and align the team’s focus to meet these.

We use our extensive networking to the projects advantage.

We behave like a Client and act like family.

We are personable, attentive and dedicated.

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What some of our clients have to say

Allyant has formed a formidable team that has managed the projects to date, very well. All completed projects have been a success, and I believe that the client is very pleased. Trust and understanding first comes to mind, look forward to more opportunities in the future. Allyant has allowed PG the opportunity to make good use of our past experiences, to provide turn-key Design-build or Design-assist mechanical & electrical retrofits. We look forward to more opportunities where we can grow our relationship with Allyant.

Rob Wakefield, Senior Project Manager


In one of our facilities, we experienced some challenges with a new installed HVAC system. We hired Allyant to do a design review to verify if the system can satisfy the production demand (cooling and air flow).  Allyant provides detailed reports with recommendations and proper documentation. Prompt response.

Jing Sun, Engineering

Gay Lea Foods

Allyant consists of reliable, skillful and knowledgeable project managers that ensure projects are guaranteed to be completed successfully.
The difference with Allyant is that projects are done with upmost care. There is no lack of communication between the client and Allyant. All engineering work is done and reviewed both by the client and Allyant to ensure that the project goes accordingly.  Project managing, meeting deadlines, communication skills and engineering skills are Allyant’s greatest strengths.

Jason Wong, Project Manager

Gay Lea Foods

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